Name Teaching Qualification Comments
Paula Advanced Open Water Instructor Diving Officer
Ray Open Water Instructor Secretary
Alex Open Water Instructor Chairman
Steve Assistant Instructor Treasurer
Darren Assistant Instructor
Jo Assistant Instructor
Tom Assistant Instructor Equipment/Boat Officer
Dan Assistant Instructor
Simon National Instructor

Paula is our Diving Officer and oversees all of the clubs diving and training. She’s been diving for over 14 years. and loves her motorbike and cats. She dislikes putting on too much weight as it makes putting on the drysuit a bit of a struggle! Central to Paulas’ role in the club is overseeing diver training and she plays an active part in training and diver development from Ocean Diver through to Advanced Diver levels.


Ray is a Dive Leader and Assistant instructor, and can often be seen taking in Try Divers.


Alex Has been diving since 91, so a diving wrinkly in a young(ish) skin! Dive Leader, Open Water Instructor. Likes nothing better than bobbing around in the RIBs. No time for other hobbies until kids grow up and leave.


Steve is an Assistant instructor … oh, and our treasurer.


Darren is an Assistant Instructor.