Equipment Loan

Bushey and Borehamwood Sub Aqua Club can loan out some of the equipment required for scuba diving, so you don’t need to purchase it all before you have completed your training (or even after you have completed training).

Equipment Available and Prices (per day)

Kit Hire Price (£)
Cylinder 5.00
Regulator set 5.00
BCD 5.00
Weights and Belt 5.00

If you wish to borrow the full list above then the rates are:

  • DAY: £19.00
  • WEEKEND: £30.00
  • WEEK: £60.00

We have fins, masks and snorkels that are available too.

Please Note:

We take all measures to ensure that the equipment is in full working order, but it is your responsibility to ensure that:-

  • Equipment is fully functional before each dive.
  • It is kept in good working order and any defect reported on return.
  • To supply all other items required for safe diving. (E.g. Depth Gauge, Dive Timer, SMB’s etc)
  • If you are borrowing a cylinder, then it is to be returned full (or at least with the same amount of air in it as when issued)