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Snorkelling is great fun, easy to learn and an ideal way to build up confidence in the water. It is accessible to anyone - young or old - and is an enjoyable way to get the whole family involved. For younger members of the family, snorkelling is also a great introduction to underwater sports and can be their first step towards learning to dive.

PoolSnorkelling in the swimming pool

SnorkellingSnorkelling inthe open water, looking at a moon jellyfish

Learning the basic pool-based snorkelling skills that may help in future SCUBA training. If you would like to brush up on your snorkelling before you go on holiday or you just want to try it out then we can offer you a session in the pool with an instructor. If you want more infomation then feel free to give us a call on 07413 224 234, or drop us an email. All of our snorkelling instruction takes place in a heated indor swimming pool.

How Much does snorkelling cost?

Basic snorkelling equipment can be purchased for around £25, but we do have a selection of masks fins and snorkels for you to hire. Click here for more Info. If you are under the age of 18, you need to have your parents permission and to fill in a couple of forms. If you are over 18, you just need to fill in the forms yourself.

"Experience Snorkelling"

An introduction to snorkelling in sheltered water. This is a simple practical course, ideal for those wanting to learn to snorkel for their holiday or brush up on their snorkelling technique. You will need to fill in a Self certification ‘Fitness to Snorkel’ and to be able to Swim 50 metres freestyle. The course teaches basic snorkelling skills.

Meet our snorkel instructors

PaulaPaula is our Diving Officer and oversees all of the clubs diving. She has been diving since 1999 and also counts freediving, horse riding and motorcycle track days as her hobbies. She will soon be taking up ice skating as part of her work's "Be healthy" scheme!

JamesJames is an Asst. Advanced Instructor. As well as being an underwater videographer James also plays an active part in training and diver development from Ocean Diver through to Advanced Diver.

stevewSteve W is an an Asst. Advanced Instructor as well as a snorkel instructor, with a pedant for deep wrecks and diving on the west coast of Scotland.

alexeAlex E has been diving since '91 and is an Open Water Instructor. he Likes nothing better than bobbing around in the RIBs. No time for other hobbies until kids grow up and leave......

TonyTony is a Advanced Instructor and has been with us for too many years to count. He is allergic to water and hates fish (Only joking!!).

bencBen C has been diving for 11 years now, is a BSAC and PADI instructor, and has been living and teaching in Australia for the past two years.

eamonnEammon is an experienced instructor, and regularly comes on dive trips with the club.